Since 1979, the aim of our technology
has been simplicity.

Panurania 4x0: zero structural problems,
zero rework, zero waste
of materials, zero visible fixings.


The simplicity of use of our products is the constant commitment of our entire company.

Forty years ago, a small company was born. With courage and foresight, that company dreamed of simple construction systems, always with a vision that went outside our national borders. Today, Panurania is a company active in 3 continents, known for its ability in the production of insulating sandwich panels for modular buildings.

Our technology serves those in need of thermal, acoustic and fire resistance performance. But our preferred company business is to be able to create products that are easy to use. After 40 years, in the world of Industry 4.0, we coined
Panurania 4x0: zero structural problems, zero rework, zero visible fixings, zero waste of materials.
The Urania Group world


Years of experience


Different products


Millions in annual revenue


Urania Group from yesterday to today.

  • 1958

    Renzo Targi founds the woodworking company Urania Mobili in Poggibonsi.
  • 1979

    Urania Mobili becomes Panurania and begins discontinuous production of polyurethane insulating sandwich panels. Meanwhile in Corciano, Serrall is founded, manufacturing aluminium windows and doors.
  • 1980

    Time to expand into modular constructions and acoustic insulation: Panurania begins processing rock wool, while Serrall creates its PVC division.
  • 1997

    These are years of growth, with a very significant peak in 2012 thanks to Renzo Targi’s work developing the Brazilian market.
  • 2011

    After the Lehman Brothers crisis, expansion begins again. Panurania opens an office in Brazil, in São Paulo.
  • 2015

    After over 35 years of partnership, Panurania acquires the majority of Serrall, establishing a new company.
  • 2017

    Panurania and Serrall create Urania Group, with its brands Panurania, Serrall and Panhouse. It also opens a sales office in the United States.
  • 2018

    After 39 years of leadership, Mario Massetti leaves the presidency of Serrall. Panurania launches its Multibox product, a kit for converting used containers into insulated shelters.
  • 2019

    Urania Group turns 40, and renews its commitment to being a supplier of panels and fixtures that simplifies life for its customers. It opens a new site in France. We launch our new 4x0 mission: zero structural problems, zero reworking, zero visible fixing, zero wasted material.

Governing board.

Renzo Targi

Fabio Targi
Chief Executive Officer

Luigi Paganelli
Chief Executive Officer

Lorella Targi
Chief Financial Officer

Claudio Vanni
Chief Commercial Officer

Laura Belfiori
General Services Officer

Barbara Pepi
Chief Privacy Officer

Matteo Cervelli
Chief Technology Officer