At Panurania, we have always wanted to create isolating sandwich panels which are customised for our customers’ construction systems. The panel construction details avoid any cuts along either the width or height

All our panel features can be customised: colour, size, shape, profiles and complements, with our focus on mechanical resistance and easy installation and replacement.

Thanks to the use of Panurania tailor-made products, structures can be built quickly and efficiently, reducing waste and without sacrificing precious time and resources for on-site adaptations.


Assistance provides highly qualified Customer Care.

Thanks to our specialised operators, who are familiar with the details of the particular activities and needs of their assigned individual customers, we guarantee: competence, speed and a superior quality of service.

A true bridge of communication between companies and customers. The focus of our attention is our commitment to make your work as simple as possible. Our operators can assist you in your own language.

Tests and checks

In our laboratory, we use professional tools and special equipment to most accurately verify compliance with all the strictest parameters required by the most stringent regulations.

Each phase, from design and to production to delivery, has its own disciplined quality control plan in accordance with strict standards.

We at Panurania consider it our main priority to carry out our production activities while protecting the environment as much as possible, reducing emissions and recovering the raw materials used, in accordance with a circular economy model.


Even the highest quality certifications are not enough if they are not supported by equal attention in transport and logistics.

To meet the specific needs of our customers, at Panurania we are specialised in the design and production of customised and recyclable packaging.

We are committed to improved product handling and guarantee the utmost worker safety.


Attention to sustainability and environmental impact is at the heart of Panurania's production and logistics processes.

Our production is aided by a photovoltaic system which covers 60% of our electrical requirements, and we recover heat from our plants through co-generation systems.

We are committed to reducing the use of plastic and disposable packaging, through recycling programs and the use of durable reusable materials.